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Global Legal Compliance


Multinational corporations face different regulations in different jurisdictions where they operate. Due to the recent trend of aggressive exterritorial applications of regulations, corporations may be also required to comply with foreign regulations. Corporations also need to respect influential international ‘soft laws’ as well as international ‘hard laws’ in order to avoid reputational damage.

We advise Japanese and other multinational corporations on various global legal issues including:

  • Anti Corruption 

  • Anti Money Laundering 

  • Ecnomics Sanctions 

  • Export Control

  • Global Anti Mafia Practices

  • Global Supply Chain Management

In collaboration with foreign counselors and professionals around the world, we also advise Japanese and other multinational corporations on how to manage country risks when investing to various countries and regions including:

  • China / Asia Pacific

  • Mexico / Latin America

  • Middle East and Africa

Other Areas

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