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Areas of Practice

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Japanese Law at Global Context

Corporate Law; Finance Law; Environmental Law; Labor Law; Real Estate Law; Immigration Law; Criminal Law; Family Law

Crisis Management & Disute Resolution

Litigation; Arbitration; Mediation; Negotiation; Information Security; Defamation; Product Liability; Accident Compensation; Business Crimes

Environment, Energy & Real Estate Law

Environment Sustainability; Renewable Energy Law; Resource Development Law; Ocean & Water Management; Real Estate Law; Project & Asset Finance

Global Legal Compliance

Anti Corruption Practice; Anti Money Laundering Compliance; Sanctions Compliance; Export Control; Global Anti Mafia Practice; Global Supply Chain Management; Country Risk Management

ESG, Governance & Sustainability

Corporate Governance; Environmental Law; Labor Law; Business & Human Rights; Competition Law; Consumer Protection Law

Technology & Innovation

Legal Issues on Artificial Intelligence; Autonomous Vehicles; IoT; Blockchains, Cryptocurrency, FinTech; Digital Platform Operators; Big Data; Cyber Security

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